Debt Consulting

What is Debt Consulting?

If you are having debt issues we can consult you to ensure you get back on the right track. We will look at all your finances, incomes, and come up with a solution to get you on track to financial freedom.

Why should you use us?

Most people with debt problems have never had debt problems before, so they don’t know who to turn to for help.  You don’t want to talk to a Bankruptcy Trustee, because you’ve heard that Bankruptcy Trustees in Canada work for the creditors, right?  False. (It’s not true, but that’s what debt consultants want you to believe).  So, when you have a problem, you call the company that advertises the most.

Debt Consultants do not require a government license, or any formal training, so anyone can call themselves a “Debt Consultant”.

Murphy & Associates, however, are licensed trustees and we’ve dealt with thousands of consumer proposals, personal bankruptcies and everything in between. We know a thing or two about debt and how to get rid of it. Let us show you.

We offer debt consulting. Let us help you! Any questions?

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