Corporate Restructuring & Proposals

What is corporate restructuring? 

Corporate restructuring is the process involved in changing the organization of a business. Corporate restructuring can involve making dramatic changes to a business by cutting out or merging departments that often has the effect of displacing staff members. Restructuring is a significant modification made to the debt, operations or structure of a company. This type of corporate action is usually made when there are significant problems in a company, which are causing some form of financial harm.

What is a corporate proposal?

A corporate proposal is an arrangement between the company and its creditors which allows the business to continue operating in exchange for a compromise of the debts outstanding.  In most cases a deferral in the timing of the repayment. The trustee works with the owners of the company in drafting a corporate proposal that presents a better result for both the company and the creditors than if the company is forced into a bankruptcy.

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